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Public Health Engineering Department Jobs 2023

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Public Health Engineering Department jobs

There will be a variety of roles open in 2023 as the Public Health Engineering Department has announced jobs in numerous departments and cities across Pakistan. Below are the details for the jobs in Public Health Engineering Department (PHED jobs) 2023.

Public Health Engineering Department Available Jobs 2023:

  1. GIS Specialist (BPS-18)
  2. Data Collectors (BPS-16)
  3. Database Administrator (BPS-17)
  4. Accountant (BPS-16)
  5. Assistant (BPS-16)
  6. Computer Operators (BPS-16)
  7. Deputy Director IT (BPS-18)
  8. GIS Analyst (BPS-17)

About Public Health Engineering Department:

In Pakistan, the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) is in charge of making sure that there are adequate sanitation and potable water systems. First, PHED is responsible for developing and implementing water delivery plans across the nation.
The agency is in charge of maintaining and fixing the water supply infrastructure, too.
Additionally, PHED is in charge of building and keeping sanitation facilities like toilets and waste disposal systems. The department also conducts routine water purity tests to make sure the water is fit for consumption.

The department also works closely with other government agencies, NGOs, and international organizations to improve public health in Pakistan. Moreover, PHED plays a critical role in emergency response situations, such as natural disasters or disease outbreaks, by providing safe drinking water and sanitation facilities to affected communities.

To further inform the people about the value of clean water and sanitation, PHED also runs awareness campaigns. In conclusion, PHED is crucial in ensuring that Pakistanis have access to clean, safe water and sanitary amenities. Recently, PHED has announced various jobs across different cities of Pakistan. Candidates who meet the requirements can submit using the information below.

How to Apply?

  • Interested candidates can apply through the official ETEA website. Link is provided below.
  • Last date for the submission of online application is 6th of April 2023.
  • Unclaimed qualification will not be accepted.
Public Health Engineering Department jobs
How to Apply on PHED jobs

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